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Vitacare Infusion Therapy infuses vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into your blood stream delivering the valuable nutrients your body needs.

Maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle is not easy.  At Vitacare we offer you an efficient and quick way to re-energise your body and feel rejuvenated. The vitamin infusion therapy we administer helps your health and vitality where you need it the most:

  • Boosts your energy to get the best results
  • Improves your immune system to stay healthy
  • Helps you recover from an illness
  • Makes you look better and younger
  • Gives you access to a happier life
* Our Nutrition Therapy is suitable all adults above the age of 18 years

Who can benefit from Vitacare vitamin
infusion therapy?

When the infusion is injected it goes where it’s needed the most: the brain, joints, tissues or other organs of the body. This is how we can help people of any age and at any stage of their lives.

vitacare overworked burnout

Overworked professionals with burnout syndromes

vitacare athlete

Athletes who need a boost for their training

vitacare recovery illness

Patients recovering from an illness

vitacare mature people

Elderly people who need more energy

vitacare terminal illness

People with
terminal illnesses


Everyone who wants to feel and look good

If you feel you belong to any of the above groups, book a consultation today to find out more.

How does Vitacare infusion therapy work?

Proper nutrition is a major component of optimal health, but sometimes even a great diet isn’t enough
in meeting the nutritional requirement of the body.
vitacare meeting

There might be chronic deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and amino acids due to medical conditions or it could just be that your body needs the extra boost to an acute health condition.

Vitacare vitamin and mineral infusions are injected directly to the vein bypassing the digestive system and giving you a quicker effect.
You can be confident that our vitamins are safe and effective, insured for product liability in the UK. The products we use are bio-technologically produced, they are all GMO, gluten, hexane, and sugarfree; and contain no traces of animals. Therefore, side effects are very rare.

Our products are IV nutrients and they are for supplementation purposes only and not to treat any medical conditions.

Infusion Therapy options available

  • Modified Myers PLUS Formula
  • Immuno Booster Formula
  • Fat Burner PLUS Formula
  • ATP Energiser Formula
  • Performance Booster Formula- energy booster
  • Amino Muscle Plus Formula
  • Performance Booster PLUS Formula
  • Health Booster PLUS Formula
  • Hair vitality booster
  • Anti-Ageing IV Booster
  • Anti-Ageing Boost and restore youthful radiance
  • Detox booster
  • Immunity booster

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